The Teen Education and Creation Hub (TECH) Lab is located on the Library's second floor in the Integra Learning Lab and is a space where teens can hang out, explore, design, and create fun projects in science, technology, engineering, art and math.

The TECH Lab is equipped with a wide assortment of technology, equipment and software, including PCs, Macs, iPads, cameras, a green screen, a sound booth, drawing tablets, games, art supplies, and more!   Teens ages 13-18 are invited to come and check out this exciting, teen-only space!

TECH Lab Summer Hours:


Focus Time: 1-3 pm
Open Lab: 3-6 pm

Open Lab: 1-5 pm

Daily Focus Time Topics:
Tuesday: Robotics
Wednesday: Computer Science
Thursday: Gaming
Friday: A/V

TECH Lab Events At-a-Glance

There's always a lot going on in the lab, so here is a quick list of everything we are currently offering. Scroll down through the page to find more info on what you're interested in, or just stop by the lab and see what you can find!  You can also call Cody in the TECH Lab with any questions at 696-8538.
  • Summer Reading
  • Artist-in-Residence
  • STEAM Week
  • Stargazing Presentation and Trivia Night!
  • 3-D Printing Workshops
  • Tabletop Gaming Club

Summer Reading

Summer Reading sign-ups are now live! Register today and starting logging your reading minutes so you can buy raffle tickets and win some amazing prizes! You can also earn points by visiting the TECH Lab and attending library programs throughout the summer. Questions? Swing by the TECH Lab and ask Cody! 

Get started with Summer Reading

The TECH Lab wants to send a huge thank you to our first two Artists-in-Residence: Ashley Warren and Mason Elkin! Ashley led some amazing writing workshops last fall, while Mason taught a 4 part music production series in the spring. Thank you both for your time and expertise!

The lab is currently looking for our next Artist-in-Residence for fall. Interested? Think you may know someone who has some unique skills or expertise that they want to share with others? Want to make a little extra money? Talk to Cody in the lab for more information about this program.

STEAM Week: June 13-17

We're kicking off summer and Summer Reading with a STEAM Week in the TECH Lab! Stop by the lab from 1-3 pm each day and learn about some awesome technology, and try your hand at something new!


Introduction to Lego Robotics

Tuesday, June 13th
1-3 pm in the TECH Lab

To start, we're going to explore the Lego Robotics in the lab. Come by to build your own robot and learn how to program it!

Gravity Simulator with Scratch Coding

Wednesday, June 14th
1-3 pm in the TECH Lab

Today we're going to learn how to use Scratch coding to create a gravity simulator on the computer!       

Construct your own Cardboard Castle

Thursday, June 15th
1-3 pm in the TECH Lab

 Stop by the lab today to construct your own miniature castle out of cardboard, computer part boxes, and whatever else you can think of!       

Movie Making

Friday, June 16th
1-3 pm in the TECH Lab

Come to the lab today to learn how to make your own movies, from stop motion to filming in front of a green screen. You can work on editing your movies!     
Don't forget to end STEAM Week with a visit to the library's block party on Saturday, June 17th!

Upcoming Programs

Stargazing Presentation and Astronomy Trivia

Tuesday, June 27th
6:00-8:30 pm in the Community Room

Join us for a fun night of stargazing and astronomy themed trivia!
Members of the Yellowstone Valley Astronomy Association will be demonstrating how to use Stellarium, a free star gazing application that will turn you into an amateur astronomer and star gazer! Learn how to navigate the night skies to find some amazing celestial bodies, and then stick around for astronomy themed trivia! The Stellarium presentation will be held from 6-7 pm, with trivia following from 7-8:30 pm.

Phillips 66 has provided a generous grant to the library for the creation of 6 STEAM crates that will soon be available for check-out, and we are going to hold a trivia night for each of the crates! This session will focus on astronomy, so bring the family and come down for snacks, prizes, and a look at the Astronomy Crate and all of the equipment that will come with it! Registration is required, so call 657-8290 to sign a team up today!


3-D Printing and Design Workshops

June 7th and 8th
5 pm

We're kicking off our summer in the TECH Lab with a two part 3-D printing workshop series! Join some professional architects from Collaborative Design Architects as they teach teens how to use Sketchup to create their own 3-D designs, and then we're print off what the teens make! Teens who sign up should plan on attended both workshops. Call 657-8290 to sign up today.

Tabletop Gaming Club

4 pm

Join a local teen as he leads a group dedicated to playing a variety of tabletop games, from Dungeons & Dragons to Clue! Come and join the fun, or bring your own game and share it with others!
rpg gaming
Teen Advisory Group

Teens who are 13 to 19 years of age can apply to be part of our Teen Advisory Group - the TAG. The TAG advises the library about programs for teens, helps promote services, and volunteers at the library. Apply today!

Meet the Mentors

treyTrey was raised in Montana. He enjoys reading, playing video games, programming, and learning new things. He is currently studying Computer Programming at MSUB City College. He didn't have big goals or ambitions (he also dropped out of public schools at a young age), and he didn't think he could afford to go to college since his family has always been poor. But teachers at the Lincoln Center encouraged him to go to college and apply for financial aid. Now he has a 3.9 GPA and many great opportunities afforded to him, including this mentorship!
Trey leads "Problem Solving with Programming" on Tuesdays.

parkerParker was born and raised in San Diego, California, and is here in Billings to study aviation at Rocky Mountain College. He enjoys flying airplanes and playing video games, especially Minecraft. Parker has big goals for himself when he graduates; he hopes to become an airplane pilot and fly people around the world. He joined the mentor program to gain leadership skills
Parker leads "Minecraft Thursdays."

chloe2Chloe is a returning mentor. She is majoring in Equestrian Studies with a focus in Therapeutic Riding and Psychology at Rocky Mountain College. She moved to Billings from Austin, Texas, where she lived for ten years. Chloe loves exploring the city, going to the farmer's market, taking photos, and reading. She also enjoys studying micro-invertebrates, as known as water bugs. She joined the mentoring program to help kids like her.
Chloe grew up poor and battled with mental health issues in high school. She received help from a local nonprofit that helped at-risk teens and went on to become a mentor and a student representative on their board of directors. She wants to provide the same support she was given, so that other teens can see that they can always change their situation, even in small ways.
Chloe leads "Arts and Crafts" on Saturdays.

Special Thanks

WYO-Ben LogoWyo-Ben, a Bentonite clay manufacturing company in Billings, recently made a very generous donation to the Teen Education, and Creation Hub. The T.E.C.H. Lab is able to thrive only because of donations such as these.
Thank you Wyo-Ben!

Do you have a suggestion for a workshop? Let us know!
Submit an Application (PDF) to be an instructor in the TECH Lab.

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