New Library Photo Galleries

Construction of the New Library Photo Galleries

This series of galleries documents the new construction chronologically from August 2012 through October 2013.

  • August - September 2012 Photo Gallery During August - September 2012, workers poured foundation footings and walls, and began on the masonry walls.
  • October 2012 Photo GalleryIn October 2012, the storm drainage pipes and major conduits were installed; workers began preparation for first concrete floors, with two slabs poured; the big crane arrived.
  • November & December 2012 Photo Gallery During November & December 2012, structural steel arrives and is prepared; masonry work continues. The steel structure starts to rise, and a tree rises for the holidays.
  • January & February 2013 Photo Gallery Starting in January & February 2013, workers laid the first floor subfloor, structural steel work moves west, roof trusses go up, and the outline emerges. The interior becomes visible and the roof deck goes on.
  • March & April 2013 Photo Gallery By March & April 2013, the special floor areas had been poured, duct work installed, exterior framing completed, interior framing begun, and exterior insulation applied. Also well under way were the roof insulation and membrane applied, plumbing, electrical, and sprinkler system installation, the stairway poured, interior framing completed, and installation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.
  • May & June 2013 Photo Gallery In May & June 2013, the Story Tower is taking shape. It will reach from the first floor Children's area, through the second floor and roof, reaching a height equal to the old building. Story times and programs for small children will take place in the Tower, with a view to the sky above. Windows were installed all around the building. Siding was installed on the exterior and solar panels are in place on the roof.
  • July & August 2013 Photo Gallery In July & August 2013, sheet rock and plastering is underway. The first of the exterior scrim is being installed. The interior becomes more colorful with a blue glass wall, and the installation of the amber resin panels under the skylight. The scrim is mostly completed, and reclaimed wood from a snow fence is used for paneling the Community Room.The structure for the wall in the Story Tower shows its wavy form.
  • October 2013 Photo Gallery In September 2013, a major rain storm caused some delays for clean-up and fixing some water damage to drywall, but pointed out where some curb and gutter improvements could be made. The electricians were hard at work installing outlets and lights. The children's area turned orange as painters went to work! By October 2013, more finishes were appearing, with bright pops of color and local stone. Millwork for the specialty areas was installed. Fall planting goes into landscape beds along Sixth Avenue.