Take & Make Kits

All of our Take & Make kits are FREE and available for pickup curbside and are available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

Family KitsNov 6-20 Harry Potter Celebration

Harry Potter: Celebrate Your House Spirit

Our Magical Take & Make kit is now available! 

This kit has enough materials for 1 person. Kits include materials to make Wands, Floo Powder Necklaces and more! 

Children's Kits

Each Take & Make kit includes supplies for a craft or activity designed to engage imagination and creativity. 

Adventures in Story Time Craft Kits

Each kit contains supplies for the craft featured in the Adventures in Story Time video. Kits contain instructions and enough supplies for 1 craft. Themes in November include Bears, Pumpkins, Squirrels, and being Thankful. New kits available every Wednesday. Find our Story Time videos on our YouTube channel!


Each kit includes supplies for an activity or craft.

Fresco OrnamentFresco Ornament

Create your own portable fresco with the items in this kit! Use the instructions to turn your creation into a holiday ornament! 

Fresco Ornament directions

Kit contents: Large containers of Plaster of Paris, Small containers of paint, Paintbrushes, Small coated paper plates, Toothpicks, Craft sticks, String and a Plastic cup.

Make your own Magnetic PoetryMagnetic poetry edited

This kit provides magnetic tape, blank cardstock, a sample poem (or two), and guidance for creating your own set of words. Use these words to make endless poems!

 Pixel art kitLow-Tech Pixel Art

 In this kit you will find: Graph paper, 1/2' squares of paper (various colors), Colored pencils, Pixel art examples, Glue stick.

Previous Kits

Instructions and supply lists for our previous Teen Take Away Kits. Get crafty with things you find around the house!


Each kit includes a simple craft or activity designed to keep your brain young and your imagination limber, and are paired with a suggested reading list for further activities curated by your crafty librarians. You will receive most of the supplies you need to complete each activity, but in some cases supplies will need to be supplemented ie: scissors, hot glue.