Collection Management Policy Section 10

10. Statements of Concern

Library staff make every effort to select materials that will appeal to the wide range of interests, points of view, and reading or viewing levels of those in the community. Staff recognize that, at times, a particular item may conflict with an individual patron’s beliefs, or taste, and that a patron may ask staff to reconsider this item. In order to accommodate a patron’s concerns about an item, a patron may use the library’s “Statement of Concern about Library Resources” form to express their views and to suggest a remedy that they might want. 

Intellectual Freedom 

Freedom of speech, as provided for in the United States Constitution, is vital to maintaining a free society. Essential to this is the ability to see, hear, and express different ideas and viewpoints.

The library upholds these rights and adheres to the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, interpretations of the Library Bill of Rights, and Freedom to Read Statement.

Every individual holds beliefs and values which may at times be in conflict with those of others. Citizens do have the right to request reconsideration of library resources.

Concerns about Library Resources

Upon submission to the Library Director of a completed “Statement of Concern about Library Resources” form, the Director will conduct a staff review of the selection process and criteria, the objections raised, and the actions requested.

The Director will then submit a recommendation regarding the statement of concern of said library material(s) to the Library Board members so that the matter may be considered by the Board no later than its second meeting following receipt of the form.

The Director will notify the person submitting the form of the time and place of the Board meeting at which the matter will be discussed, invite them to attend the meeting, and provide a copy of the staff recommendation.

The Board’s action on the “Statement of Concern about Library Resources” is final.