Visit the TECH Lab - A space for teens to come in, hang out and use 21st century technology to create exciting projects in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and math.

TECH Lab Winter Hours:

Tuesday-Friday: Open Lab 3-7 pm
Saturday: Open Lab 1-5 pm

Be sure to check below to see what special programs and events we have coming up each month!


Teen Events At-a-Glance

We have a lot of things going on at the library, so here's a quick list of all of our upcoming events. Scroll down the page to find more info on the program you're interested in, or call us at 696-8538.

  • TECH Lab Artist in Residence
  • Artist in Residence Workshops: Cosplay Crafts with Tammie
  • Featured Program: LEGO Robot Challenge
  • Computer Science Thursdays
  • Python Coding with Brody
  • Japan Club
  • D & D: Conquering the Westmarches
  • Fortnite Fridays
  • Teen Book Group
  • Teen Advisory Group (TAG)

Test Prep E-Books

Getting ready to take the SAT or GRE? Just need some extra help with geometry? Want to be a firefighter or police officer? Then check out the library's new collection of digital reference books for test prep and study help! All of the titles are free to access and download. All you need is a library card! See our selection, and get studying.

TECH Lab Artist in Residence.

Interested in being the TECH Lab's next Artist in Residence? Have some interesting skills you want to share? Or maybe just interested in working with teens, and making some extra money for it? Contact Cody at 696-8538 or e-mail him at allenc@ci.billings.mt.us.

Featured Program

lego crane robot

LEGO Robot Challenge

Feb. 7, 14, 21 (All Thursdays)

5-7 pm in the TECH Lab

Thanks to a donation from Verizon Wireless, the library is adding a new crate to our Community Crates program: Lego Robotics! This new crate will focus solely on Lego Robots, and to celebrate we are having a Lego Robotics series in February. Teens who sign up will build a simple robot that has a crane, and then we will introduce varying challenges each week for the teens to solve. We are limiting sign-ups for this program to 12 teens who will work in pairs, so call 657-8290 to sign up today!

Upcoming Programs

Computer Science THURSDAYS

Every Thursday

3-7 pm


We're switching days for our computer science focus, so starting in February come to the lab on Thursdays to work with our amazing volunteer Michael as he helps teens explore computer science! Learn how to program and control neopixels, write programs for arduinos, mess around with Lego Robots, and more. If you have any interest in coding or any computer science topic, this is for you! No sign up is required, just swing by the lab and start messing around.


Python Coding with Brody


4 pm in the TECH Lab

Learn how to code in Python and make your own games and programs! Classes will be non-linear, and our mentor Brody will work with you teaching you based on your skill level. There will be class themes, but you can show up and ask Brody about any topic that interests you or you need help with. Python is also an easy to learn language, and a great way to get into programming and computer science. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get programming!

Japan Club


6-7 pm

2nd Floor Computer Classroom

Japan Club is done with its winter break and is back in session every Wednesday at the library.

d and d

D & D: Conquering the Westmarches


1-4 pm


Join us for epic adventures and world building mayhem as we strive to tame the wilds of the West Marches! Help build and cultivate a city, explore the wilderness, and defeat terrifying  monsters as you learn the ins and outs of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. You don't need any previous experience with the game, and you don't have to commit to a weekly session. The West Marches campaign is designed for drop in/drop out play, so swing by the TECH Lab on Saturday and see what adventures are underway!

fortnite-hero - edited

Fortnite Fridays

Every Friday

1-3 pm in the TECH Lab

Fortnite is now on the Nintendo Switch, so the TECH Lab is going to be hosting a couple hours of Fortnite mayhem every week. Swing by the lab to hang out and try one of the best games around!

Teen Book Group

​Thursday, Feb. 21st, 4:00-5:00 pm

Teen Study 2

Join the Library's Teen Book Group. We meet once a month on Thursday afternoons. Snacks and drinks are provided. In February, we’re reading Maureen Johnson's Truly Devious: a Mystery. Register and reserve your copy of the book by calling 657-8290.
2019 Truly Devious

Teen Advisory Group
Teens who are 13 to 19 years of age can apply to be part of our Teen Advisory Group - the TAG.  The TAG advises the library about programs for teens, helps promote services, and volunteers at the library.

Volunteering at the Library

Are you looking for ways to spend your free time? The TECH Lab is looking for 16-18 year old teenagers to help lead and mentor younger teens in the lab during open hours. Volunteers need to be interested in technology, willing to teach and learn alongside other teens, and be in the lab for a minimum of 4 hours per week. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience, or just give back to your community! For more information, contact Cody in the TECH Lab. Submit an online application..

Looking for a good book?

Check out these great reads.

Suggest A Title

Is there a teen title you would like to see in the Library's collection? Submit your suggestion online.

Local Teen Interviews Architect of Billings Public Library

Katelyn Bauer interviewed Will Bruder, the architect for the new Billings Public Library building,
and used the TECH Lab equipment to edit the video together. Way to go Katelyn!