Interlibrary Loan - Lending

Mailing Address:

Interlibrary Loan, Billings Public Library, 510 North Broadway, Billings MT 59101-1196

Loan Services

Loan services are available at no charge to the borrowing library. Billings Public Library appreciates reciprocal agreements. The Library's average turnaround on requests is five to 10 days.

Requests are accepted by U.S. Mail or email. Please direct email requests to the Reference Desk, and include the full information for the item.


The Library will lend books and Billings Gazette microfilm. Current year and/or high demand book titles will not be loaned. Microfilm is limited to 5 reels, and has a two-week loan period. The Library does not lend periodicals, reference materials, newspapers, other microforms, audiovisual materials, Montana Room or genealogy materials.

Loan Periods

The loan period for books is four weeks from the date sent. Microfilm has a two-week loan period.


Renewals are not available for interlibrary loans.

Photocopy Services

Photocopy service is available. Copying fees are 10¢ per page if over a 10 page limit.


Borrowing libraries are not charged for postage. All items are shipped by U.S. Mail, library rate.


Billings Public Library will accept Jiffy bags. Insurance only required when noted.

Microform Copying Servies

Reader / printer copies are available at no charge to Montana libraries and at $.25 per page (minimum charge $1) to libraries outside of Montana. Fiche-to-fiche copies are not available.


Billings Public Library will not reserve materials for interlibrary loan requests.

Lost Items

The borrowing library will be charged for lost items with the replacement cost plus a $5.00 processing fee.

Services Suspended

Interlibrary loan services may be suspended around major holidays, especially between Christmas and New Year's Day.


Billings Public Library's NUC code is MtBil. The Library's OCLC code is UJA.

Please call 406-657-8258 or email if you have any questions.