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As a Public Library patron, you have free access to The New York Times! Here’s how to get started:

If you are onsite at one of our public library locations:

1. Visit nytimes.com using any device. Ensure you are using the library’s internet or Wifi.

2. Go to the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on “Log in” to create a free account or log-in to your existing account.

3. You now have full access to all journalism on nytimes.com while logged in at the library.

If you are NOT onsite at the library, you can still access New York Times News from anywhere with 24-hour access codes!

1. Go to our library’s dedicated URL to redeem a 24-hour access code.

2. Your code will auto-populate. Click redeem.

3. You will need to either register for a free account or log in to your existing account.

4. After receiving confirmation that your access code is valid, you will have 24-hours of complimentary access to The New York Times, via nytimes.com and the NYT News App.

5. Once your 24-hour access code expires, you can simply repeat the process from Step 1 to redeem another 24-hour code.

Instructional Videos

Accessing The New York Times in the library

Activating your Access to The New York Times outside of the library


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