Parking Garden

Library visitors can park in the 100 space Parking Garden south of the Library between North 28th Street and North 29th Street. Parking in this landscaped lot is for Library guests only and the first 2 hours are complimentary.

Parking Kiosk

All visitors who park at the Library must use the parking kiosk located inside the south door of the library. Enter your vehicle's license plate number at the kiosk inside and to the right of the south door to get 2 hours of free parking in the Library Parking Garden while visiting the Library.

Additional Parking Time

Additional time may be purchased with credit or debit cards or cash. No change is given. Bills larger than $10 are not accepted.

Hourly rates are as follows:
  • Hours 1 and 2 Free
  • Hour 3 is $1
  • Hour 4 is $2
  • Hour 5 and after $3 per hour

Rates will apply Monday Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Time and Rate examples:
  • Parking for up to 2 hours? Cost = Free
  • Parking for more than 2 and up to 3 hours? Total cost = $1
  • Parking for more than 3 and up to 4 hours? Total cost = $3
  • Parking for more than 4 and up to 5 hours? Total cost = $6
  • Parking for more than 5 and up to 6 hours? Total cost = $9
  • Parking for more than 6 and up to 7 hours? Total cost = $12
  • Parking for more than 7 and up to 8 hours? Total cost = $15

Handicapped Parking

Patrons with a valid handicap placard or plate can park free of charge with no time restrictions unless it is a "No Parking" or "Loading Zone" area. Designated handicapped parking spaces are next to the south side of the Library building.

The City of Billings Parking Division enforces parking at the Library. For questions, please call the Parking Division at 406-657-8412.
License Plate
Parking Kiosk