Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday


While the BPL transitions through its reopening phases, please check back periodically for updated information. We ask that patrons wear a mask, gather materials, and check out.

Book Donations

Are you taking donations?

The Friends of the Library are accepting book donations as of September 1. Books may be brought to the Book Nook in the library and dropped off for the Friends.

Currently, the library is not taking donations for circulation.  A plan to sanitize incoming donations is being developed.  The library will announce a date to resume the acceptance of donations via social media, website, and Constant Contact.


Is the bookmobile in service this summer?
Yes, the bookmobile is in service. You can find more information about services and stops on our Bookmobile page.  

Bus Passes

Are you selling bus passes?
Yes, the library will be selling bus passes and bus punch cards.

C19 Updates

Where can I get more information about C19 updates?
Please visit our COVID-19 Info & Resources page or the local Coronavirus Response Hub for more information.

Community Room

Is the Community Room available for use?
Use of the Community Room is currently unavailable.

Computer Lab

Is the Computer Lab available for use?
Use of the Computer Lab is currently unavailable.


Will curbside still be open?
Yes! To continue safely serving our patrons, the curbside service will be available M-F from 11 am to 5 pm.

  • Curbside pickup is now located in the parking lot in front of our South doors. Park in the designated spot and call or text the curbside help number (406) 927-9032 your, holds will be checked out and brought to you without you having to leave your vehicle.
  • Can I come pick up my holds in the library instead?
    Yes! Once the library is open, you are free to come inside to pick up your holds from the holds shelf by the self-check machines.

Digitization Lab

Can I use the Digitization Lab to scan documents?
Use of the Digitization Lab is currently unavailable. BPL management is currently developing a way to undertake digitization requests from the public.

Genealogy Room

Can I use the Yellowstone Genealogy Room?
Use of the Yellowstone Genealogy Room is currently unavailable.

Hours of Operation

What are the hours of operation?
Monday through Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; Closed Saturday & Sunday

Interlibrary Loan

Can I submit an interlibrary loan request?
The library is not currently accepting ILL requests, but expects to do so in the near future.

Will you announce when ILL requests are being taken again?
Yes! We will announce the date when it is decided and ILL requests will resume.


Do I have to wear mask at the Library?
Masks are required for all patrons over the age of five who enter the library. Masks must cover the nose and mouth at all times. The library does not provide masks to the public.

Newspapers and Magazines

Will you still have magazines and newspapers available to use in the library?
For the safety and health of our patrons, the Billings Public Library is discontinuing subscriptions of physical magazines and newspapers.

Pedal-Powered Bike Library

Is the Pedal-Powered Bike Library in service this summer?
The Pedal-Powered Bike Library is not in service this summer.


Is the library offering programming to the public?
Library staff are conducting programs online. Please visit our Calendar to see a schedule of online programs. In-person programming will not be offered, at this time.

Public Computers

Can I use a public computer at the library?
Use of public computers is currently unavailable.

Reading Spaces/Furniture

Can I sit and read in the library?
At this time, all reading and sitting spaces are unavailable. Furniture has been removed from these areas. Patrons sitting or lying on the floor will be asked once to discontinue this behavior. A second reminder will result in expulsion from the library for the day.

Research Help

Will there be someone available to answer my information questions?
Yes! You can call or come into the library during operating hours for assistance with access to library materials and information.

Will you still take major research requests?
Major research requests, such as those requiring extensive time or resources, must be sent through email to refdesk@billingsmt.gov. All requests will be reviewed by the Assistant Director and directed appropriately.


What is the library doing for safety measures?
The library has installed Plexiglas shielding at all service areas and floor markings throughout the building to guide the flow of traffic. Updated cleaning protocols have been implemented in every unit. All returned materials are sanitized before being placed on the shelves. It is the expectation that all patrons and staff wear a mask in the library. Capacity of visitors is continuously monitored by management.

Second Floor Conference Room

Can I use the Second Floor Conference Room?
Use of the Second Floor Conference Room is currently unavailable.

Senior Outreach

Are services being provided to seniors this summer?
Senior Outreach staff are working with community partners to develop services that meet current resident facility restrictions.

Stompin’ Grounds Café

Is the café open?
The café is open with limited seating space. Seating is available only for use by those who purchase items from the Stompin’ Grounds. All food purchased in the café must be consumed in the café area.

Study Rooms

Can I use a study room?
Use of Study Rooms is currently unavailable.

Teen Technology Lab

Is the Teen Tech Lab open?
Use of the Teen Tech Lab is currently unavailable.

Volunteers at the BPL

When can volunteers come back to the library?
At this time our Volunteer program has been suspended.

How will volunteers stay safe as they help the library?
Once volunteers are back in the library they must adhere to safety standards and protocols, including the use of PPE.